Anonymous asked:
When Starts medcezir?

Either the first week of september or second most likely second:)

Anonymous asked:
Why was Mira so mad at yaman in the end.

Because he was going ti Izmir with his mum to stay forever after mira left for america so he basically was going to leave without telling mira.

hk-cu-fanclub asked:
Hello dear how are u??

I’m good you?

turkishgrandma asked:
Hey! I am Turkish and I am in love with Medcezir. I watched the latest bolum 38, season finale, and I didn't understand why Selim got angry at Ender. Did she have sex or something with Sinan or what?

First of all super duper sorry for the late reply but from what I know it was just a kiss but ender did admit that she had some feelings for him apparently her and Selims relationship was too boring. Quite ridiculous if you ask me :/

nazlcan-world asked:
Sizi çook seviyorum :D

Haha Sagol 😊


My love 😍